Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Acupuncture for induction of labour (Review)

 Here is an interesting study on how acupuncture can help induce labor in women that have gone over their due date. I usually educate women on how acupuncture 6-8 weeks before their due date is optimal, as it has also been researched that acupuncture a few weeks before labor helps to shorten the duration of a vaginal labor. Many women in the study also reported that labor pains were diminished with the administration of certain acupuncture points.
"In a study acupuncture with and without electrical stimulation
was used to induce labor in 12 pregnant women with
a gestational age from 19 to 43 weeks (Tsuei 1974). The success
rate was 83% and average induction to delivery time was 13.1
hours. In the third study, 34 termand post termwomen and seven
women with an intrauterine fetal death were induced using electro-
acupuncture. Labor was successfully induced in 32 (78%)
women (Tsuei 1977). The limited observational studies to date
suggest acupuncture for induction of labour appears safe, has no
known teratogenic effects, and may be effective. The evidence regarding
the clinical effectiveness of this technique is limited."
To read more about this study, please click here 
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